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Welcome to This site was originally created in 2005 as a FREE NLP resource and this is its latest and best incarnation. When I first came across NLP in the 1990's I wanted to find a central resource which gave me access to lots of different audio downloads and videos on NLP, so I could decide who to train with. Many NLP sites seemed to only reflect one set of NLP views and this provoked me to create an online NLP library with more universal appeal and an independent voice for NLP

Welcome to NLPMP3

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I began doing interviews with NLP trainers and NLP practitioners from many different schools of NLP, so NLPmp3 would genuinely reflect lots of different NLP perspectives. I have always maintained that any field, which seeks to progress, needs good information and on-going debate. Those of us in the world of NLP may not always agree, but informed discussion and reflection about NLP and associated fields will always produce opportunities for new and better thinking.

Special thanks to everyone who has given time for NLP mp3 audio interviews, online NLP videos and supported this NLP resourse since 2005. If you are interested in contributing an NLP interview (mp3 or video) please contact me personally,

Warm Regards

Nick Kemp


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